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Annual spring, fresh gale is carrying Shi Li and arenaceous dirt to in the sky be in airport of Huhhot white tower to flit for many times, the ground facility that sets very easily to the open air on machine level ground and working ladder cause damage. To ensure hold ladder of plane ground facilities of the canal, job be in good working position, contented plane issues the work that defends daily to need without garage condition, recently, huhhot of branch of technology of boat share project maintains the country base tool group is on duty actively jointly with accessory workshop metalworking personnel had comprehensive, serious, meticulous census and repair to establishment of machine level ground.

In census job, the safe caution shop sign that they discover to fuse of family expenses of former plant of ladder of 28 grounds job is secured causes a part to pull break to damage because of fresh gale; Mop of a plane causes spine, pawl to operate because of sand and dust malfunction. To this they are used pull riveting, bolt is secured and add the step that notes grease to give consolidate, rehabilitate. Ladder of the job when working to avoid nightly, soup at the same time and plane contact are caused " blow, brush, touch " make the staff member on ladder harm with the senior engineer, they are added to 16 jobs ladder installed balata to prevent bump, partial senior engineer makes ladder add installed safety to defend column.

Group of tool of base of maintenance of Huhhot of branch of technology of boat share project is opposite the country what belong to height of all through the ages of equipment, establishment management to take seriously, they pass personal computer management, dynamic monitoring, make its satisfy manufacturing need. Personnel is on duty to strengthen machine level ground after weather of sand and dust passes especially perambulatory, make good record, responsibility arrive person. Adopt this census and regulations system refine, make the management of equipment of machine level ground of base of maintenance of Huhhot of branch of technology of boat share project turns the country more scientificly, satisfy the working need of safe production better.


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