Department of boat Xinjiang flight organizes air man to undertake study of chang
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Be aimed at spring north gale, Yang Sha, floating dust; Thunder wet enrages the influence to the flight, begin from March 15, room of technology of department of flight of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang begins to organize all air man to have study of change garments according to the season and examination namely. Department of flight of boat Xinjiang branch is opposite south " moving manual " in below emergency deal with principle and method, and " QRH " medium memorial project planned study.

Because personnel of the phase before department of flight of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang is much outerer,flight of executive air plane, pass the night, lash-up lives and imitate machine the task such as answer example, till April 6, 737, 757, the study content that ATR type flight personnel already finished a provision entirely and exam, achievement all is qualification.


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