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Often give a passenger next step, our service can go up a step.

That I am carrying out Shenyang to halt the scheduled flight of Zhengzhou to Kunming midway classics, have one old Sun Er of one young old woman's person heads for Kunming from the machine on Shenyang. Raise a requirement to us when small granddaughter, say oneself the grandma that one person is taking 80 advanced age the first time seize the opportunity, but when the seat is not together however, I undertook harmony arranging instantly, guide this mother-in-law Sun Er's person to enter. What can not think of is, plane classics stops Zhengzhou, after the passenger boards the plane afresh, the airliner explodes full, full. And what make a person headache more is, anyway of two when hold mother-in-law Sun Er's person shows seat sign young passengers is not willing to exchange seat, they also hold to accompany and go and the first time the reason that seize the opportunity. No matter how am I mediated, bilateral still refuse to budge does not fall. Small granddaughter cries urgently continuously, two range of half hours, she is at ease no less than grandmas one individual seating. I look in the eye, it is more urgent in the heart, the plane had begun to glide, but the passenger is contradictory still pawn, compulsive its seating is impossible already. How to do? How does ability resolve good contradiction already not is become acute contradictory? "Yes, that contradicts with respect to move! " my brainwave easily, the cabin before run to shows a case to the first passenger and request to be able to get its cooperate instantly. Perhaps be the sweat that the passenger saw my forehead go up to go out urgently, perhaps was to experience mother-in-law grandson of two helpless with me not easy, two passengers promised finally to cooperate, assist me to support sb with hand old grandma as soon as possible to the first seat. In cabin eventually quiet come down, listen so that see the takeoff of steward broadcasts only. I feel extremely gratified, satisfied already be illogical two youths that discuss sit together, made sure small granddaughter is right again of the grandma accompany protect, and be in their attune the first, convenient also steward is right of old people take care of.

Built the harmony of cabin, the plane took off smoothly...


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