Boat northwest director grows Zhang Yanrong to obtain Shaanxi to omit model work
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Shaanxi province model worker and advanced collective commend congress was held ceremoniously in Shaanxi guesthouse in the morning on April 28. Cabin of boat northwest branch serves department head to grow Zhang Yanrong to obtain Shaanxi to omit model worker name by Wu east, the market sells center of ticket of ministry Xi'an carry out to have the honor to win Shaanxi to omit advanced and collective name. On April 27, boat northwest branch holds seeing-off ceremony east, xiao Zhen of Yun Xiaocong of Di Daren of branch general manager, vise general manager, Qiu, discipline appoint clerical Chen Baodong reachs advanced collective for model worker the delegate presents a flower, encourage them to carry on achievement ceaselessly, make persistent efforts, on respective working station play model worker is mixed set an example advancedly be the first action, build harmonious Dong Hang to make new larger contribution with compose to realize Dong Hang to be revitalized in the round. Later, model worker and advanced and collective representing wait for body admire big safflower, the hand holds a flower in both hands, head for Shaanxi guesthouse together, attend Shaanxi to save model worker and advanced collective to commend congress. Li Gong of secretary of Party branch of cleaning squad of department of service of model worker of province of a Shaanxi, ground attends on invitation commend congress.

The model worker is our country the top award to laborer, enjoy great social honor and political status. It is reported, the model worker chooses 5 years, shaanxi province is current choose 600 model worker, 100 advanced collective.

Before this, system of classics civil aviaton is layer upon layer choose appraise through comparison, xi'an of boat northwest branch maintains base Han Shaohui to have the honor to win title of model worker of countrywide civil aviaton east, model worker of countrywide civil aviaton and advanced collective attended to commend in Beijing on April 26 congress, 27 days, attended the seminar of model worker achievement that Dong Hang joint-stock company holds.


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