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Branch of boat share southwest ensures the country integratedly ministry of catharsis of ministry life service center is in " 51 " during the golden week, cadre worker stands fast working station, the things on the washer that finish 38027, ensured the flight number is normal.

On April 29, catharsis department manager from " Sichuan TV station " the understanding in news goes to this company " 51 " rate of golden week guest is 95% , will increase 20 many flight numbers everyday. To guarantee airliner on time, catharsis department manager arouses faculty " 51 " the section works overtime. 10 catharsis member obedient arrangement, stand fast to worker of 8 days of cadres from May 1 working station does work of catharsis of the things on good chance. Ministry of integrated safeguard of company of boat share southwest leads the country for many times to express sympathy and solicitude for to catharsis ministry worker of a gleam of, delivered a fruit to wait to them condolatory article, mechanism dining room offerred free meal to feed for them. Bai Li of secretary of Party committee of ministry of service of cabin of company of boat share southwest leads the nation members of a squad-a small body of people working together of this Party committee expresses sympathy and solicitude for to manufacturing a gleam of catharsis department employee. Constituent consideration makes they are touched, they refine management to ask to had done each working procedure and catharsis quality according to essence of life, ensured a country company of boat share southwest only then of the things on the flight that send ship provide a standard, offerred for the passenger seize the opportunity goodly environment.

They abandon small home to consider authority, fight bravely producing the first money. Native place of son Cong Renshou comes to Zhong Guiying the airport is visited 100 busy medium mother, she accompanies a son to go into town without time amuse oneself, do goluptious meal for the son without time; Du Changxiu's husband's father and mother ran away from home because of housekeeping disaccord in native place, she arranges the husband to answer native place to seek an old person, oneself stay in the unit to go to work; Jiang Qiong's sister-in-law is taking baby of strong acid Bao to visit her, she is them to cook without time, without time the help attends a baby. On May 6, week quick group has 4 comrades to work 7 days continuously, catharsis department manager considers they are too tired, arrange them to rest one day, they do not agree, they say annual came 8 days on May 7 workload is heavier, they insist to go to work of one's own accord come to decrease to airliner quantity, resumptive change shifts by turns.

They have a sharp sense of integrity this kind, the thought state that take the interests of the whole into account is a country company of boat share southwest ensures a ministry integratedly " production the first, the user is consummate, pay attention to detail, promotion character " the true substance that serves safeguard concept shows, they are " 51 " the red-letter day is the lightest beautiful laborer.
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