Market of boat Dalian branch sells a ministry to develop different ground market
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To make full use of the day Han course of branch of Na Hang Dalian flies density is big, cover a range wide the dominant position that reachs situation, on April 15 - 16 days, zhou Yanhua of ministry of sale of market of branch of Na Hang Dalian, Wang Hao, Yin Yu and Ding Yuanxue of ministry of ground service safeguard, Zhao Yinji group is gone to before 5 people Harbin, Changchun, delay; On April 19 - the development that had different ground market parts toward power sea, Yantai before 20 markets sell a Wang Yongjiang, Gu Xiaobin, Jin Haiying.

Personnel of this company sale visited Na Hang respectively station of boat of ministry of sale of Heilongjiang branch market, power sea, Yantai boat station concerns a leader. Brotherly unit leader expresses to welcome to the arrival of company of Na Hang Dalian, analyse situation of demand of course of various places Japan and competitive situation jointly.

In brotherly unit comrade accompany below, personnel of carry out of this company sale visited local travel agent, agent. The ground service that for its sale unit coordinated Han of solstice of change trains of local classics Dalian reachs free accommodation to wait for relevant service issue, the airliner that publicizes season of Dalian new boat at the same time is dynamic, in the light of otherness passenger composition (service, student studying abroad) freight rate undertakes the price locates; The Japan that organizes to various places, Korea leaves the country travel circuitry undertakes reasonable combination matchs, offer the course alternative of diversity for travel agent.

In Na Hang joint-stock company establishs the concept that the network sells, branch of Na Hang Dalian visited 12 agent this in all, 6 travel agent, real estate of the different that make tastes 7, made full use of situation advantage, formed it is carriage hub center with Dalian, radiation northeast area, distant east the network of the course of Han of passenger understand day of the peninsula, abounded the content of product of various places international not only, also raised the international sales revenue of branch of Na Hang Dalian at the same time.


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