Ministry of sale of boat Wuhan market is begun east " 51 " check greatly before
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In answer to Dong Hang " excellent service year " mobile appeal, aggrandizement employee serves consciousness, the standard serves behavior; Arouse employee enthusiasm, strengthen safety administration, ensure the festival carries manufacturing task to be finished smoothly, make employee spends a safety auspicious " 51 " long holiday, on April 27, wang En of secretary of Zhang Jinduo of general manager of department of sale of market of company of You Donghang Wuhan, Party committee is wide head a group personally, departmental to this mechanism door and directly under booking office had big examination, content includes: "Excellent service year " of the activity fulfil a circumstance, office order reachs situation of office area sanitation, the safe circumstance such as section of bill of illness of equipment of car travel, equipment management, fire control, ticket 3 respects.

In the light of " excellent service year " of the activity begin in the round, leader of department of sale of market of Donghang Wuhan company emphasizes an inspection employee appearance appearance, right " excellent service year " the service of mobile understanding and Dong Hang in the activity is affirmatory, in center of mechanism cadre employee, 96566 call banquet member with the sale choose randomly in central booking clerk have spot question and answer. Department leader emphasizes each office department and directly under booking office wanting cogent accomplish at 3 o'clock, it is, fulfil in the round " excellent service year " each policy of the activity, cogent accomplish " mechanism serves for basic level " , "Logistics serves for a gleam of " , "Production serves for sale " , "Sale serves for the passenger " ; 2 be, carry office area order, safeguard sanitation of office area cleanness; 3 be, establish " safety first, precaution is given priority to " thought, strengthen fire prevention, guard against theft, prevent grab the job, put an end to safe hidden trouble.

Pass this inspection, the service consciousness of employee of department of sale of market of Donghang Wuhan company and safe consciousness get cogent rise, to be begun in the round " excellent service year " activity, receive " 51 " arrival has made sufficient preparation.


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