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The Fair of Guangzhou China imports and exports that gets attention of whole world travelling merchant fully concludes 30 days, according to not complete count, up to 30 days, airport of Guangzhou white cloud rises in all fall airliner 9124 sortie, with last year spring make meeting appearance than growing 18% , carry a passenger 1.08 million, with last year spring make meeting appearance than growing 17% , this again refresh the passenger flow record of Bai Yun airport. This second during Fair, respect of white cloud airport did much work, while safeguard is passenger safety, quick, comfortable, capture chance to perfect service flow ceaselessly, improve service quality. The battalion that for instance reasonable arrangement is stationed in a manufacturer to spread carries breed satisfies the different taste that gives traveller customer, increase the working hours of the bank, of traveler of business of contented foreign country cash demand, increase receive those who send a passenger regular bus send site and density, satisfy the need taking a car of different time guest.

30 days are " 51 " the eve of the golden week, airport of Guangzhou white cloud is round-the-clock case fall the airliner achieved 793 sortie, carry a passenger to also was close to 95 thousand person-time to reach passenger flow peak, predict round-the-clock on May 1 carry passenger volume to be controlled in 90 thousand person, as the beginning of the golden week passenger flow is met ceaseless fall after a rise, begin passenger flow to just can pick up ceaselessly to May 6. Pass the severe test of Fair, white cloud airport is more during the golden week made sufficient preparation in each respects, in safeguard passenger safety is quick a travel while what also build a harmonious warmth to everybody is itinerary.


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