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Graph 1: Beautiful sea aviation is multiplied " granddaughter " let old grandma laugh not approach mouth

By April 2007, a breeze slowly, the day with beautiful spring scenery, base of sea boat Beijing is multiplied by the sky of Wu team people fall in the organization of the League branch, beijing goes arranging justice area home of respect for the aged to visit an old person before.

The team that multiply Wu gave old people to take the ready money that sea boat colleague donates 5000 yuan not only, more took sea boat person sacred fire heart and blessing. The old person here comes from countrywide each district, average age is in 80 years old, they gave their youth altruisticly society. Appreciate to express to be mixed to their admire, steward performed the small program that weaves meticulously for old people, sweet scene moved each attendant person. In mirth, the past with imperceptible time, be in as supple as the old person when be reluctant to part, everybody expresses to want to often come here to visit old people later in succession, and old people exhort in succession in staying in the heart.

Through chatting kindly with old people, the sky of the team that multiply Wu is multiplied people benefit a lot, they express to want firmly to hold as young in succession today, ceaseless essence takes his life, to create happiness tomorrow and ceaseless effort!

This the activity developed the love of sea boat person and commonweal heart not only, also show a Hai Hang to devote oneself to beneficent commonweal career and " do bit of thing for the society, do bit of thing for other " business concept, got staff member of home of respect for the aged and the height that arrange bureau of justice area civil administration to concern a section are evaluated.


Graph 2: Base of sea boat Beijing presents cash check to old person of home of respect for the aged by Wu team


Graph 3: Steward people perform a program for the old person


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