The foreigner should abide by place country immigration laws law
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The legal right after the foreigner enters a country, each country government is general all protective, this advocate it is to show the foreign country that has permanent and resident right is emigrant, this is the accepted criterion on international. Outside dividing the political right that only native citizen ability enjoys quite to cannot be enjoyed, other produce authority, copyright, invention like person authority, money authority, right to work, get education authority of authority, marital family and right of inheritance, lawsuit, get the protection of agreement of the law of resident country or international convention, treaty. Some countries are emulative to a few significant economy sections or government and native citizen stronger profession, do not allow foreign immigrant to hold the position of, if American most city sets, the foreigner cannot act as lawyer; Canada sets, the foreigner cannot hold the position of doctor post. The foreigner that enter a country, outside dividing the diplomatic personnel that enjoys diplomatic prerogative and immunity, consular personnel, the foreigner must abide by the law of resident country, if have,disobey punish according to the law that is in a country. Leave native foreigner, what get homeland and foreign country at the same time is double administer, the apanage that wants obedient and native government is jurisdictional, should abide by the law that is in a country again at the same time, include the concerned legislation such as resident, journey, obtain employment, outside dividing a transient, still need on schedule outside settler, still need to declare taxes and levies on schedule, accept criminal and civil administer.

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