Go abroad necessary file
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, passport
Be in abroad, one of proof citizenship, identities are planted identification book.
Apply a method
1. applies for a passport to be able to head for office of government of condition of discrepancy of seat public security bureau to deal with.
2. applies for to protect should make an appointment with 20 man-day, but first travel agent of ask of be in harmony.
Place requires a file
The passport application form that has filled in one type 2
Get ready with leave the country the proof that main content concerns, if the invitation letter of foreign relatives and friends is waited a moment.
2 inches of ferrotype inside 3 months 3
Id, registered permanent residence originally, the photo-offset copy that etc proves 2
Id original, 14 years old below person attach a reserved copy of Piao name book
The parent agrees a book (20 years old under minor person)
Passport poundage 5 yuan, cost of production 100 yuan

2, visa
Enter other country enter a country licence.
Apply a method
1. is inside each embassy, to visa class application.
2. place needs day of number, each country is different.
Place requires a file
The application form standard that embassy sets

3, vaccinate certificate
Apply a method
Each district has designation hospital to accept have an inoculation.
On certificate, must sign personally.
Before going abroad, hospital affix one's seal, reach the after of air terminal affix one's seal that leave the country ability become effective.
Place requires a file

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