The part restricts the concerned regulation of article of condition of pass in a
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Smoke, wine:
The passenger of area of contact HongKong and Macow (the passenger such as the travel that because visit his family toward area of HongKong and Macow before illicit,includes passenger of HongKong and Macow and inland) , but duty-free carry cigarette 200 raise or 50 raise or cut tobacco 250 grams, wine a bottle (do not exceed 0.75 to rise) ; Roundtrip that day or short-term inside come and go for many times the passenger of area of HongKong and Macow, but duty-free carry 40 or 5 raise or cut tobacco 40 grams, forbid duty-free belt to drink wine; Other into condition passenger but duty-free carry cigarette 400 raise or cigar 100 raise or cut tobacco 500 grams, wine 2 bottles (do not exceed 1.5 to rise) .

Article of viatic for private use:
Blame dweller passenger and hold head for a country or the passenger carries the dweller of visa of area reentry condition to be restricted into article of viatic for private use camera, portable close recorder, small-sized cinematograph, portable photograph collection machine, portable every plant word processor. Exceed range, need to be declared according to the facts to custom, deal with concerned formalities. Via the article of viatic for private use of customs clearance, the passenger should be when the return trip answer belt leaves the country.

Gold, silver reachs its goods:
The passenger carries gold, silver and its goods to enter condition should with for private use reasonable amount in the limit of, exceed 500 grams among them, should fill in declaration form card, declare to custom; When answer belt leaves the country, custom by this second into condition the quantitative nucleus that declare is put.
Carry or consign leave the country the gold that buys in Chinese churchyard, silver and its goods (include to enchase adorn article, the new handicraft such as household utensils) , custom check makes the let sb pass of " of bill of " special type of hair by Chinese people bank.

Foreign currency:
The passenger carries foreign currency, traveller's check, credit card to wait into condition, the amount is unlimited. Dweller passenger carries 1000 dollars (blame dweller passenger 5000 dollars) above or equivalent other foreign currency shows bank note to enter condition, need to be declared according to the facts to custom; When answer belt leaves the country, custom check by this second into condition the amount nucleus that declare is put. The passenger carries the foreign currency beyond afore-mentioned circumstances to leave the country, custom check makes the " foreign currency of hair carry card " to check discharged by bureau of national exchange control.

The passenger carries condition of RMB pass in and out, limitation is 6000 yuan. Those who exceed 6000 yuan forbid condition of pass in and out.
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