GF ticketing time the passenger ticket agent made a mistake or not obtain qual
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Ms. Shen has listeners call the East Canton News hotline 62706270, reflecting the ticket she purchased, the date of the error, after repeated contact ticket sales company, has as yet not reply. Ms. Shen said she GF ticket ticket is set to October 18 in Shenyang, but the day was found, purchased 28 tickets time, became, in order to take a scheduled flight, had only 800 She ultimately took the ticket 1580 yuan. Later, she repeated contact this company for consultation and compensation ticket sales, has been to no avail. Fact: (18 to go, is a 28 ticket, the date completely wrong, mean that I was re-bought a ticket. Spent the 1580. I was looking for their head office, but could not find.) To this end, the reporter called GF Ticketing Co., Ltd., a leader surnamed Wu said, for errors, they can only take 300 yuan in compensation. When asked whether the ticket agent qualification, she said: Fact: (This is not convenient to tell you.) Reporters in Beijing, China, specialized call the Air Transport Association, the staff said that ticket sales agents must obtain the China Air Transport Association issued a qualification certificate, the "air bronze" in order to engage in ticket sales agency business. Consumers to buy tickets, should check whether the proxy ticket business qualification, Fact: (you can go to the China Air Transport Association's website, the website on the left column there is a sales agent enterprise qualification query, put the information input into the company name, if not found the company's information, it would prove that no agent qualification obtained. In particular, online advertising more, so that the air tickets have to check the time is not qualified.) Subsequently, the reporter visit the Web site, the sales agents eligible to enter the query column name GF Ticketing Co., Ltd., the results show no. This ticket black agents, repeated in recent years, China Air Transport Association, the staff said they had checked the Joint Trade and Industry and other agencies to further increase the strength of Fact: (We checked with the Joint Trade and Industry, for companies not qualified to give agency to ban or penalty. Formal agency, the ticket to a small agency, this is also the year in check.) Tickets for the black agents on the network spread phenomenon, China Air Transport Association called on some search engine sites do not become a hotbed of black agents.