Nikkei News: Pegasus Airlines Airbus A380 aircraft to be purchased
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November 9 am Beijing time, "the Nikkei News" published an article headline, "Heavenly Airlines plans to buy A380 aircraft, the", are full as follows: low-cost air carrier Japan Airlines Pegasus (Skymark Airlines Inc.) Said on Monday The company will buy up to six Airbus A380 aircraft, primarily to meet its 2014 start operating international flights operational needs. This will be the ending of the first airlines to buy Airbus aircraft, currently the company's flights are mid-sized Boeing 737 airline aircraft components production. Pegasus Airlines and Airbus have signed a basic agreement, is expected to sign a formal agreement next spring. Airbus A380 aircraft in 2005, completed its maiden flight and become the world's largest passenger plane, this dual-channel passenger maximum capacity of 800 passengers. Pegasus Airlines domestic routes with its low, said the company now plans to expand to other parts of Asia routes.