Cheap air tickets to Hong Kong from just 900 yuan
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Shanghai-Hong Kong flights during Christmas ■ auspicious air: as low as 900 yuan ticket price from Hong Kong and Shanghai ■ China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines: Before Christmas, the lowest one-way ticket is 1610 yuan ■ Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways: the lowest one-way ticket before Christmas, 1,320 yuan ■ Spring Airlines cheaper: December 20, December 22 lowest price for 299 yuan one-way ticket Close to Christmas, lucky Airlines announced yesterday, will be opened on December 17 and from Shanghai to Hong Kong direct flights daily, the lowest round trip fare identified as 900, to seize the Christmas market. Earlier, Spring Airlines has introduced 299 yuan, 430 yuan super cheap ticket policy, the two private aviation routes to Shanghai to Hong Kong into an unprecedented fierce price war. Special round-trip ticket within a week According to the plan, good luck in Hong Kong and Shanghai Airlines routes will be using the new Airbus A320 family aircraft to fly Hong Kong-Shanghai route, flight number HO1291/1292, 14:50 pm daily from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, 17:15 sub arrived in Hong Kong International Airport; day 18:15 returns from Hong Kong, 20:35 arrived in Shanghai Pudong. To celebrate the opening of new routes, auspicious air that will sail the first week of release as low as 900 yuan (excluding tax, the same below) of the ticket price from Hong Kong and Shanghai, the date of 2 days minimum stay, maximum stay beyond 7 days. In sailing a month, visitors can also enjoy an additional 10kg free baggage allowance. In fact, close to Christmas time, is the most popular Hong Kong-Shanghai route of the year operating season. In the past, almost all airlines out of high prices at this time, tens of thousand dollars round trip. The auspicious air from 900 to his own explanation for the special vote, before Christmas in order to attract mainland tourists to Hong Kong to shop, get a hit effect. Spring and the lowest 299 yuan one-way The existing route from Shanghai to Hong Kong, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways, auspicious Airlines, Spring Airlines co-operation. Before Christmas, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines lowest one-way ticket for the 1610 yuan, the Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express Airways low as 1,320 yuan one-way ticket. In contrast, more affordable Spring Airlines, December 20, December 22 the lowest one-way ticket to 299 yuan, December 21, December 23, December 24, December 25 the lowest one-way ticket 430 yuan. Easy Online ticket sales related travel agency told reporters that during this Christmas flights from the Mainland to Hong Kong generally cheaper than in previous years, the fierce competition of airlines, are struggling to compete for customers. The lowest price is not an unlimited number of tickets available, but airlines have their own interpretation. Spring Airlines 299 yuan ticket for the P1 class cabin, passengers can not refund; auspicious air of 900 round-trip ticket is now running low. Low value of 990 yuan for one-way ticket if you change, to pay 200 yuan.