What makes official machine?
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In the concept of average person, official machine is private small plane. But such understanding are not comprehensive, have really in abroad a lot of private have official opportunity, however machine of official business of domestic quite a few belongs to official machine to hire a firm, when the user needs can to take on lease of the firm that rent, a lot of official machine that are about to fly to Shanghai to come are temporarily by hire of boss of a few companies. Of course, the big group that cross a state can have the world to wear the aircraft group that official aircrew becomes by number commonly, provide flight and ground service personnel. There also is a lot of is like in official machine " the bay flows " , " certificate of merit " , " challenger " the jet aircraft that waits for type. The flight speed of these planes and photograph of large scale computer are not more inferior than fine long hair, cruise height is no problem 12000 meters, some of the biggest range can achieve 12000 kilometers. Most abroad company is used contemporary, the official machine of engine of fan of much stage turbine or engine of turbine snail paddle, or the helicopter with high safety performance.

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