What is branch line plane?
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Branch line plane, it is to point to 110 or so to seating is in 50, flight distance is in 600 kilometers the small-sized plane of 1200 kilometers.
Branch line is carried is to point to the blame between stone's throw, small town advocate course moves. The country is being made now about the branch urge measure of aerial of development branch line, include derate cost of small-sized airport construction, key is low the relevant charge, amount that increases plane of small-sized branch line. The heavy name a person for a particular job that position of prospective home line expands is opening an area littoral, western traffic inconvenience area, still have city of mid a few travel. Divide outside having the net of radiation type course that is a center with Urumqi, Kunming, Chengdu, still will form stage by stage: City of Hangzhou lukewarm city, another name for Jiangxi Province, Ning Bo, justice black, gold is changed, Si of beautiful water, Zhou Shan, Sheng; County of Guangzhou Shan head, Zhan Jiang, plum, Yang Jiang, beautiful closes, even county, Luo Ding, luxuriant name; Wuhan sanded city, favour is applied, Yichang; 7 Mu Si of river of Harbin neat Qi Haer, peony, black river, beautiful, rivers; Xi'an Yan'an, Chinese medium, Yu forest, in good health wait for a province (area) the network of spoke type route inside; Lane of Jinan Yantai, power sea, Wei, east battalion, Linyi, Dalian, red the network of branch line of Yellow Sea of / of annulus Bohai Sea east.

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