Airline ticket is decided
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The booking office that the passenger can pass phone, network, airline and person of its sale agent is decided. Had decided the seat of appropriate, the passenger should set in airline or passenger ticket is bought inside decided time limit about beforehand, exceed this time guest to may be cancelled to decide.

Passenger hold decides the couplet Cheng of appropriate seat or round-trip passenger ticket, if above stays 72 hours in this couplet Cheng or return trip place, the station must leave before two days in couplet Cheng or return trip airliner midday before 12 o'clock, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm, decide a seat not to grant to withhold formerly otherwise. If the passenger arrives at couplet Cheng or return trip time to leave station time not to exceed 72 hours from the airliner, do not need to deal with seat reconfirm formalities.

Clew: If viatic plan of the passenger is,be in airborne and busy period, answer to book a seat as early as possible.


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