Passenger ticket
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Passenger ticket cent makes passenger ticket and electronic passenger ticket for paper.

A lot of airline are offerred " electronic passenger ticket " , also cry sometimes " change passenger ticket without paper " . Choose electronic passenger ticket, of the passenger buy a record to withhold in airline revise a system inside, the passenger won't receive paper to make passenger ticket. Buy electronic passenger ticket to make passenger ticket than paper more convenient, than mailing risk of paper passenger ticket is less, be before the journey or won't be lost between brigade date of departure or by theft. However, to prove a passenger order with fare, the passenger should retain the journey sheet that a piece of computer makes. Should write down except this passenger affirm number serves as order a proof.

Passenger ticket is nominative type, be restricted only him fare that the full name lists on passenger ticket is used, must not be made over and alter, otherwise passenger ticket is invalid, bill section is not retreated.

The passenger should be inside passenger ticket period of efficacy, the full range that states on the passenger ticket that finish. When the passenger uses passenger ticket, should meet test effective passenger ticket, include to seize the opportunity boat paragraph seize the opportunity couplet and was not used entirely and withhold what go up in passenger ticket is other seize the opportunity couplet and passenger couplet, lack afore-mentioned any one couplet, passenger ticket is namely invalid. The passenger needs to notice, dealing with seize the opportunity in formalities process, ensure airline is procuratorial a rip off the ticket couplet that should rip. International and passenger ticket of domestic couplet Cheng, cheng of its home couplet paragraph seize the opportunity couplet can be in domestic couplet Cheng Hang paragraph use, do not need to change domestic passenger ticket; The fills with international passenger ticket home aviation that the passenger buys outside our country condition carries passenger ticket, should change the ability after passenger ticket of our country home to use.

The day that passenger ticket begins from the journey rises, carry inside a year effective. If passenger ticket was not used entirely, rise from the day that writes passenger ticket, carry inside a year effective. The computation of period of efficacy, till the morrow zero hour that the day that expires effectively reachs since the morrow zero hour of the day that begin from the journey or writes passenger ticket. The period of efficacy of special type passenger ticket, by this passenger ticket the period of efficacy of applicable fare is calculated.

As a result of the reason of airline, cause a passenger to fail to travel inside passenger ticket period of efficacy, till period of efficacy of its passenger ticket will lengthen airline to be able to arrange a passenger to seize the opportunity.

Before the passenger heads for the airport, buy hospitable ticket as far as possible, lest be in the airport,counter of carry out ticket queues up to wait. After the passenger takes passenger ticket, should examine all information content correct -- date of date of full name, airliner, airliner, set out and reach a city (if have in two cities not merely an airport, the passenger should affirm place is used is which airport) , order a state (OK expresses to already was affirmed, RQ expresses backup, OPEN expresses to did not affirm) .
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