Contract provision
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Adopt this guideline, we provide the general specification that travels about aviation to the passenger as far as possible. But, important is the regulation that should understand every airline to have his, make carriage contract of the passenger. The regulation between airline may differ. Include to deal with seize the opportunity responsibility of airliner of program of final time limit, refund, incur loss through delay waits formalities a moment.

Home travels

Travel to home, airline may imprint contract provision on passenger ticket when the passenger buys a ticket or offer a fare together with passenger ticket. A lot of airline use this kind of system. Other airline may choose " imprint contract provision into the manual " form. This means all regulation that there is airline on passenger ticket -- major provision imprints on the file that parts with passenger ticket, the passenger can ask to examine, basically include a few content such as the limitative condition of return a ticket.

Airline is when sale electron passenger ticket, the regulation ought to concern the company to be informed to the passenger in electronic webpage page.

International travels

Not be provision of all home contract explanatory specification detailed rules applies to international to travel. International is carried in airline and government are offerred together " freight rate is regular " . No matter whether receive this regular announcement, the passenger suffers his to restrict.

Every airline that begins international to carry business must offer his freight rate regulation in apanage airport and urban booking office. The passenger has authority to examine these regulation. Airline agent must answer a passenger to concern the issue of freight rate information, if necessary word, they must help a passenger search designation custom duty regulation. If airline is used,not be paper makes a form, its are additional like publishing requirement and domestic contract article.

A bit it is the most important to remember, no matter the journey is of home,still be international, the passenger enquires the concerned regulation of airline boldly. The passenger has authority to know to carry contract provision. For passenger and airline most golden eggs, ask a passenger to enquire the matter that do not understand or does not decide ahead of schedule.

Code shares a flight number

Code shares an airliner to be able to think the passenger goes out to offer the alternative of more airliner and hour all right. The passenger turns in passenger ticket change, autograph, the matters concerned of respect of return a ticket is in charge of by the airline when giving a bill, and dealing with seize the opportunity the service that abnormal condition issues service of formalities, cabin, flight number is in charge of by the airline that performs this flight number actually. But airline or its agent should be decided in the passenger and give a bill when tell a passenger relevant course on actual carrier.
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