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The aviation that ticket price case points to to the passenger reachs destination airport by airport of ground setting out carries the price, do not include the ground transport costs between the airport and urban district, do not include the airport to build cost and fuel surtax and other tax payment and cost. Ticket price begins the fare with the applicable day that seize the opportunity for the passenger. After passenger ticket sells, if fare is adjusted, bill section is not made fluctuant.

Because emphasize price competition, consumer is in " carriage price of aviation of civil aviaton home reforms scheme " inside the range that permit, will more aviation fare can choose. Overall and character, fare and applicable condition supplement each other, the more cheap fare, limitative condition will be more. Because airliner seat has the industry characteristic that cannot store, discharge sitting passenger together in same flight number, because order a ticket / those who buy the time of the ticket, place and condition is different, pay different admission fee very likely, but the circumstance that enjoys similar service inside cabin of same flight number.

About fare information, the passenger can enquire travel agent or relevant airline, airline are procuratorial. Travel agent can inquire the fare of all airline in computer.

Here has a few to help a passenger choose the clew of fare:

Lowest price may be restricted inside a week specific day or a few specific period of time inside a day. After getting quoted price, the passenger enquires again order an agent, if shift to an earlier date one day or after pushing a day, perhaps take different that day scheduled flight, whether to have lower fare.

Make viatic plan early as far as possible. A few airline have the place of fare of a few lowest only on every airliner, can sell out very quickly normally. If the passenger does not have those who buy target date to hit,lose passenger ticket, retry, before buying deadline to arrive ahead of schedule especially.

A few airline may offer the discount that other airline does not have. In metropolitan, fare may depend on the passenger uses which airport. And, join airliner (change plane) or it is more cheap to have one station can compare nonstop flight number sometimes via the scheduled flight that halt.

A lot of hitting lose passenger ticket cannot return a ticket; If the passenger bought a discount,passenger ticket hind cancels a trip, the passenger may cannot get refund. To although the passenger does not seek refund,having some of passenger ticket, modificatory airliner or date also may be restricted. If passenger ticket must not be used at changing the airliner after to use, the passenger must pay aviation possibly the margin of fare.

Fare difference sometimes very big. Be compared carefully between airline and choose to spend time really, but OK and economic money.

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