South African Airways World Cup has changed the contract for sale to the gene
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Beijing March 31 news, South African Airways in Johannesburg on Tuesday announced that the company decided to cancel part of the contract with the World Cup organizing committee, is no longer in the race before and after the FIFA officials and their partners to provide For a fixed seat, but seats will be sold at a discount to those of ordinary tourists. World Cup project manager of the company grams grams Luke Shan said: "We are very pleased to provide these customers with discount tickets. South African Airways and the World Cup organizing committee has failed to identify the number of reserved seats, we Has been unable to provide special treatment for the event. We have done many things as possible to help them, but we can not continue to reserve those tickets, because they need the ticket number has not yet determined. We prefer this These tickets available to our loyal customers. " South Africa before the World Cup organizing committee hopes to open on race day South African Airways night flight, to pick a small city in the audience watching, the small cities can not provide sufficient amount of accommodation. The South African Airways said that with the World Cup Organizing Committee of the consultation is still open, he is still willing to help visitors for the World Cup, including South Africa there is no direct flight with countries such as Mexico. It is reported that affected by the economic downturn, Many tourists will not stay long in South Africa during the World Cup that was forced to discount ticket prices.
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