Alter the pact that opposes aerostat illegally about checking
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Each signatory considers this convention to be hijacked illegally or the behavior of the aerostat in control flight endangers the security of person and belongings, affect a flight number badly manage, damage world people's safe to civil aviation trust; Consider producing these action is the thing that your person is deeply concerned badly; Considering to prevent this kind of action, urgent need stipulates proper arrange inflict punishs criminal; The agreement is as follows:

The anybody inside the aerostat in the first Fan Zaifei travel:
(armour) use force or browbeat with force, or use a how he threatens means, be hijacked illegally or control this aerostat, or the purpose pursues this kind of any action, or
(second) be the person that be engaged in or attempts to pursue this kind of any action make together, it is to make guilty travel namely (call below " crime " ) .

The 2nd each signatory bear allow gives severe penalty to afore-mentioned crime.

The 3rd
One, in this convention, aerostat from lade end, engine room is outside when the door already all was shut, each rise, till so that uninstall,open either machine port when till, answer to be considered as to be in the flight. When aerostat forces to descend, before the responsibility that in the director authorities takes over control to hold personnel and property to this aerostat and its place, in answering to be thought to still flying.
2, this convention does not apply to the aerostat that uses for military affairs, custom or police.
3, the takeoff ground that this convention applies to the aerostat that produces crime inside its only is nodded or descend actually the place is the country is registered in this aerostat beyond territory, no matter this aerostat is to be engaged in international flight or domestic flight.
4, the circumstance that indicates to the 5th, if those who produce the aerostat of crime is in inside its,descend actually the place is to be in same inside the territory of a country, and this one country is this indicate one of countries, criterion this convention is not applicable.
5, although have this the 3rd, the 4th regulation, if convict or the convict that are pointed to to say register a country in this aerostat,the one country beyond is discovered inside territory, the takeoff ground of this aerostat is nodded or descend actually no matter the place is in where, all answer applicable the 6th, 7, 8 mix the 10th.

The 4th
One, fall in following case, each signatory should take necessary step, any concerns with this crime other rough stuff that make to passenger or aircrew place to crime and the convict to be being pointed to to say, carry out jurisdictional:
(armour) crime happens inside the aerostat that registers in this country;
(second) the convict that the aerostat that produces crime inside its is pointed to to say when this country descends still is inside this aerostat;
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