Unified international aviation carries the joint pledge of certain regulation
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Of this convention when thing country; Realise what signed in Warsaw on October 12, 1929 " the convention that unites international aviation to carry certain regulation " (say below " Warsaw convention " ) , the important contribution that makes in respect of private law of unified international aviation with other relevant document; Realise make the necessity of Warsaw convention and relevant file modernization and unifinication; Realize the value of the interest that ensures international aviation carries consumer, and the necessity that provides fair compensation on the foundation that restores a gender to compensate for a principle; Reiterate according to what ordered Yu Zhi to add elder brother on December 7, 1944 " convention of international civil aviation " the orderly development that principle and tenet carry operation to international aviation and passenger, baggage and the desire that goods unobstructed flows; Believe firmly to collective action is taken between the country, come through making a new pact promotional the properest method that the accord that carries certain regulation to international aviation is changed and code is changed is the interest balance that achieves fairness; Come to an agreement as follows:

chapter general principles

The first suitable scope
One, this convention is applied to all carry personnel, baggage with aerostat or goods and the international of collection pay is carried. This convention applies to aviation transportation enterprises to be carried freely what fulfill with aerostat likewise.
2, with respect to this convention character, "International is carried " the department points to the agreement according to party, have in carry no matter very close to each other is broken or have a change of luck, its set out place and purpose place are to be inside two territory when thing country, perhaps be inside a territory when thing country, and any via stopping a place carriage that what there is an agreement inside the territory of another country, although this country is,be not when thing country. With respect to this convention character, between two places inside a territory when thing country carry, and the classics that did not agree inside the territory of another country stops a place, either international is carried.
3, the carriage that carriage contract just thinks a few successive carrier are fulfilled each is a single business activity, no matter its form is,conclude with a contract or a series of contracts conclude, with respect to this convention character, ought to regard as cannot intersected is carried, not only because of among them a contract or a series of contracts are in completely same country is fulfilled inside territory and lose its to pledge internationally.
4, the carriage that this convention applies to the 5th chapter to set likewise, unless this chapter has a regulation additionally.
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