Treaty of international civil aviation
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In view of international development is opposite the future of civil aviation build and hold the world mix with the friendship between people between each country understanding is big helpful, and menace of its abuse enough is general and safe;
In view of need avoids mix between each country the friction between people promotes his to cooperate, world peace hang on this; Accordingly, following each sign a country the government is agreed a certain number of principles and method, make international civil aviation must develop according to safety and Methodistic means, make international aviation carries business to must build the base in principle of equal opportunity for all, healthy ground and economic ground are managed; Conclude for this purpose this convention.

The voyage in sky of the first part

The general principle of convention of the first chapter is mixed applicable

The first dominion
Conclude a treaty each country admits each state is territorial to its the space enjoys the air over to be mixed completely exclusive dominion.

The 2nd domanial
This convention indicates the territory of one country, should consider as the land that in this country dominion, suzerainty, protection or mandate leave area and as abut as its territorial waters.

The 3rd civil aviation implement with the country aerostat
One, this convention applies to civil aviation only implement, do not apply to national aerostat.
2, the aerostat that is used at military affairs, custom and constabulary department, should consider as a country aerostat.
3, the national aerostat of one signatory, without special deal or other way permit and comply with among them regulation, must not be in another signatory is domanial in the sky fly or descend on territory here. ① ② basis the 91st the 2nd regulation, at the thirtieth day after instrument of ratification of the 26th convention or the government of the United States of America of advice note deposit that join convention, namely on April 4, 1974 become effective. China is this convention when thing country, on May 31, 1950 because Taiwan authorities is faint pay membership due, illegal statement exits this convention, applied for to join convention again 1953 again after, and at of the same age instrument of ratification of illegal on December 2 deposit. Board of international Civil Aviation Organization passed resolution on November 19, 1971, admitting government of People's Republic of China is the exclusive and lawful delegate of this organization. Flying minister of foreign affairs informed Ji Peng of secretary-general of international Civil Aviation Organization on Feburary 15, 1974, my government decides to admit this convention, enter the activity of international Civil Aviation Organization since this day. In 5 accessory that 棗 complier notes this final resolution book, accessory one international civil aviation temporarily agreement already outdated, be omitted; Other 3 accessory: (one) convention of international civil aviation (along with is the following each amendment) , (2) agreement of international airliner pass through the territory of a country, (3) international aviation carriage agreement already included this book; Accessory the draft of each technology accessory of 5 convention, be omitted. 棗 complier is noted 4, conclude a treaty each country bear when allow is releasing the regulations about its country aerostat, to civil aviation implement voyage safety gives due attention.
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