Aviation freightage contract carries out detailed rules
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chapter general principles

The first basis " contract law of economy of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, make this detailed rules.

This the 2nd detailed rules applies to aviation to carry the home that signs between the legal person such as organization of office of organization of carrier and enterprise, rural economics, state, institution, society aviation freightage contract. Individual manage door, individual and the domestic aviation that aviation carriage carrier signs carry a contract, should consult this detailed rules is carried out. Military transport, the through goods traffic between aviation and railroad, canalage, highway, set separately.

The 2nd chapter freightage contract sign and fulfill

The 3rd consignor consigns goods to should write booking note of delivery other people to carrier, follow according to provision of national director section add necessary valid proof file. The consignor should fill in to booking note the authenticity of content and validity are responsible. The consignor fills the goods booking note that make to be accepted via carrier, after filling hair freight sheet by carrier, aviation freightage contract is accused namely hold water.

The 4th consignor asks the bag transports goods with the plane, should fill make charter flight requisition, after carrying agreement via carrier agrees to accept and signing charter flight, contract of freightage of aviation charter flight is accused namely hold water. Sign the party of agreement, all should abide by civil aviaton to be in charge of the provision that mechanism carries about charter flight.

The 5th consignor is right consigned goods, the standard that ought to be in charge of a branch to set according to the country is packed; Pack a standard without unified regulation, ought to carry safe principle according to assuring, the property that presses goods and bear the weight of the condition such as the plane is packed. Every does not accord with afore-mentioned requirements that pack, carrier has authority to reject acceptance of consignment.

The 6th consignor must be in consigned goods on indicate the hair station, unit to station and consignor, consignee, full name and address, according to the country the regulation indicates pack store carry indicates a sign.

The 7th country provides the goods that must be sure, the consignor should be cast when consign guarantee freightage a place difficult of access. Be in to every kilogram value the goods of 10 yuan of above, implement insurance and the compensation system that are in charge of carriage photograph union, the consignor can be cast when consign guarantee freightage a place difficult of access, specific measure sets separately.

When goods of acceptance of consignment of the 8th carrier, answer a consignor to fill the booking note that make to undertake checking, have right opening box to have safe examination jointly with the consignor when necessary.
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