Domestic aviation carries of short duration of passenger body damages to set all
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The first carries carrier to damage the civil responsibility that ought to assume to passenger body to decide domestic aviation, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation applies to the passenger body damages that domestic aviation carries in be defeated, happen. Fund place calls domestic aviation passenger transportation before, it is to point to a basis contract of aviation passenger transportation, carry only then hair ground, agreement is in via stopping the ground and destination the aviation passenger transportation inside domain of People's Republic of China.

The 3rd passenger is inside aerostat or die in fluctuation aerostat process or get hurt, carrier ought to assume liability to pay compensation.

If the 4th carrier can prove what healthy state causes to the passenger dies or getting hurt is force majeure or him passenger, do not assume liability to pay compensation.

If the 5th carrier can prove the passenger dies or getting hurt is by him passenger error or voluntary action cause, can be reduced or absolve its liability to pay compensation.

The 6th carrier ought to assume liability to pay compensation according to this regulation, it is a RMB to the highest indemnity of every passenger 70 thousand yuan.

The 7th passenger is OK write one's own ticket casts the sky that protect ship to carry risk of person accident harm to insurance company. Of this insurance amount to pay, must not be absolved or reduce the indemnity that carrier ought to assume.

The 8th outward compatriots, overseas Chinese, Chinese in HongKong and Macow and Taiwan brethren give paid compensation, can convert the money of this foreign country or area, the foreign exchange rate that its exchange rate gives branch of exchange control of state of People's Republic of China of Fu Zhi day to announce by compensation is firm.

The 9th passenger or its heir and carrier produce controversy to damages, can sue to people court.

This the 10th regulation is in charge of explaining by bureau of Chinese civil aviation.

Eleventh this provision applies since May 1, 1989, economic Commission of finance of government affairs courtyard released on April 24, 1951 " byelaw of compulsory insurance of plane unexpected injury of passenger " abolish at the same time.

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