Frontier defence examination
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Discrepancy condition examination

World each country leaves the country to entering the passenger all implements strict inspection procedures. Deal with the branch of these formalities, set in passenger person to give condition place commonly, wait like the airport, station, dock.

Passenger person leaves the country should pass commonly the following procedures of 4 kinds of inspections: Frontier defence examination, customs inspection, safe examination, wholesome quarantine, but the content that different country examines and place do formalities to have very big different.

Frontier defence examination

The frontier defence examination of a lot of countries is in charge of by police station of immigration office or alien, china is frontier defence checkpoint is in charge of. Main formalities is to fill in discrepancy condition registers card, registering card sometimes is aboard is sent by airline generation, fill in ahead of schedule, passport of the desired effect when entering a country, examination visa (some countries do not ask to fill in immigration card piece) . Some countries are avoided do visa of pass through the territory of a country, allow a passenger to give the airport to look around, but accept the passport in frontier defence, card of the pass through the territory of a country that get, a passport is changed again when returning the airport.

When leaving the country, a lot of countries still need to fill card, will leave the country calorie of along with passport and boarding check hand in a staff member to check. Some countries do not fill in a condition card. Many countries leave the country after the passenger needs to pay airport tax first, conduct passport inspection again.

Immigration card, leave the country card asks to fill in the following project:

Airliner date, come from number of the where, full name, surname, address that gives state of unripe date and place, sexual distinction, profession, citizenship, place, family address, passport, some fills in even the address that invites unit or individual and telephone number. Oneself sign. Into leave the country card fills in the full name should use foreign language uppercase, no matter head for,which country all can fill in with English.

Most country enters a country to be restricted without port to the foreigner, the any port that can pass through in international airliner enters a country. A few country has port restriction, the port that the foreigner must appoint according to visa enters a country. Each country is in enter a country port sets immigrant or frontier defence checks personnel, undertake probation to the foreigner that enter a country. Main examination passport whether with hold agree according to the person, visa is effective, prevent somebody to use jerk a gybe and false visa, expire visa or other passport and visa deceive enter a country. Generally speaking, the foreigner of visa of every hold effect can allow to enter a country, but the foreigner that checks an official to also the right prevents visa of certain hold effect because of some kind of reason enters territory. Port checks an official to authority prevents the reason that enter a country to basically have:
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