Civil airport administers provisional regulation
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The first is opposite to strengthen the management of civil airport, ensure flight safety, uphold airport order, raise the airport to use efficiency, with the benefit development at civil aviation career, make this provision especially.

This the 2nd regulation is applied to be engaged in civil aviation carrying, the civil aviation that aviation training, aviation works implement use airport. What work for nothing with Yu Hang is seasonal face opportunity field and helicopter to rise temporarily fall bit of except.

The 3rd civil airport by bureau of Chinese civil aviation (civil aviation bureau of the following abbreviation) management putting in a mouth 's charge.

The 4th civil airport must hold organic field to use licence to just can be opened use. The airport uses licence to be applied for to the civil aviation bureau by airport administration, via after the civil aviation bureau examines approval, be being issued. After the civil aviation bureau receives application, the decision ought to be made inside 3 months.

Airport of the 5th application uses the civil airport of licence, ought to have following requirement:
(one) hold airport builds approval file and file of qualification of acceptance of work.
(2) have the flight division that suits with aerostat model, run mode and operation portfolio, work area and its establishment and personnel.
(3) have can ensure a flight to be mixed normally establishment and the personnel such as navigation of safe voyage control, communication, atmosphere; Application opens the airport that appearance flies, must accord with the regulation that the civil aviation bureau flies about appearance.
(4) have safety to defend a qualification.
(5) have the lash-up plan that handles special case and corresponding establishment and personnel.

The 6th International Airport ought to have the requirement of international be open to navigation or air traffic, deal with by national regulation examine and approve formalities. Of the International Airport open use, announce external by the civil aviation bureau; Provide International Airport data external, unite by the civil aviation bureau deal with.

The range that the 7th civil airport must set according to airport use licence is open use. Need changes scope of application, need approve of classics civil aviation bureau, change hair airport to use permit. Airport disuse and restore to use, all need beforehand to sign up for approval of civil aviation bureau; Of long-term disuse, must cancel the airport to use permit. Civil airport discards or change him to use, according to the country the regulation is dealt with examine and approve formalities.

The land of the 8th civil airport, consolidate program management by airport administration, any units and individual do not get embezzlement. The airport overall planning that airport administration ought to approve according to the civil aviation bureau, put forward to plan with the ground, according to the country the regulation is dealt with examine and approve formalities. With the unit that airport business concerns, the project installation that business place requires is built inside the airport, ought to be subject to the requirement that overall regulation and safety use the airport, via airport administration and its superior mechanism is examined after agreeing, apply for approval government office of local civil administration is approved.
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